Mazunte sunrise
 I have always heard of other travelers who in some magical way find jobs on the road to help them keep traveling. Well, finally it happened to me and yes it was magical =) It was my last night in Mazunte, Oaxaca or so I thought, when I decided to have lunch at my favorite restaurant by the beach, Siddhartha.

So there I was sitting by the bar thinking about which direction to travel next, when I overheard the bartender, Adrian, who is all of 19 yrs old, mention something about them needing a waitress. My ears immediately perked up. I know I ‘m no dog, but I swear they did perk up more radar like, trying to pick up all the signals related to this awesome job opportunity. As soon as I asked the bartender, a snowball effect happened, I spoke to the owner, “can you come back today at 6pm?” Yes I can! Showed up at 6pm, “can you start right now?” Yes I can! Woo hoo! I got the job =)

My first job while traveling was glorious from beginning to end, except for one thing…I had zero clue and experience on how to waitress. I have worked as a community organizer, festival coordinator, done tons of public speaking, lobbying, fundraising and even some work in retail, have gone to tons of restaurants but never waited a table in my life…hmm...yeah, I think I drove everyone in Siddhartha nuts!

Me and my hammock
The first days specially, I felt like a juggler of beers & food, of people placing orders in both English and in Spanish, I couldn’t keep track of it all. Not to mention the countless trips between kitchen and tables screaming for my attention…I felt like I was in a madhouse.

Then there is something else about being a waitress that no one ever warned me about before…not even my sister who has worked as a waitress…THROBBING FEET! That’s right. My feet have been tired before from walking long distances, especially while traveling, but tired doesn’t quite describe what my feet felt like after my first few days of work, except maybe THROBBING PAIN! I discovered my feet had a whole lot of muscles I had never used before and they surely made their presence known with a throbbing pain that refused to go away.

hanging out with friends after work
Every day after work I would walk, more like drag myself, all of 3 blocks, which felt more like 3 miles to get home. I would not even make it to my room, but rather flop myself onto my hammock and prop up my feet like some nice friends recommended I do to get the swelling and pain to go away. No matter how long I did this I swear it didn’t really work the first few days, then suddenly, like on the 4th or 5th day, my feet got used to waitressing and just ached, not throbbed anymore.

I like to think that I also improved my waitressing skills quite a bit, but I’m probably not the best one to ask that question…I am a bit biased =) Anyways, somehow I didn’t mess up the orders as much anymore, yeah, I drove everyone in the kitchen nuts for sure! I think Epi and especially Eric, the owners of the restaurant wanted to fire me a few times, but contained themselves when they remembered I was passing through anyway…hahaha ;)

Dancing with canastas
Eric and Epi, if you read this, I wanna say thanks for allowing me to make an attempt at waitressing =) Thanks for teaching me how to make coffee and frappuccinos, which I think I finally mastered =) I got one frapp returned once, but I swear that girl had other issues…well OK maybe it was a bit on the bland side…hehehe J Which reminds me, Eric, would you please talk to your friends about tipping? Thanks! I’m sure your staff will highly appreciate it =)

I also wanna say thanks to Alma, Angeles and Adrian for helping me get through my first waiting job =) My hat goes off to all the waitresses and waiters of the world!!! You are all awesome for juggling all the orders without screwing them up, putting up with all the rude and nice customers who don’t always tip.

Not sure what my next job will be, but I’m sure I will learn more valuable skills and I welcome it as long as it helps me to keep traveling and reach Peru =)


Shawn said... [Reply to comment]

Jajajajaja! A Kika le pasó lo mismo cuando trabajaba de mesera justo después de llegar a Oaxaca. Llegaba a la casa con un nueva lesión cada día! Hasta que apostábamos en la casa que sería cada vez. Yo tuve otra experiencia poco común en el "fud service industry" - pero creo que es necesarios que todos lo pasen para aprender portarse bien en los restaurantes y respetar a los que nos sirven cada día.

A ver que es el siguiente trabajo!

Superxicana said... [Reply to comment]

@Shawn tienes razon Shawn =) ahora aprecio mucho mas a los meser@s del mundo...que friega llevan para tan poco pago

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