Undecided in Guatemala
I did it! I traveled in Mexico & Central America for a year!!!! ALONE =))) Had soo many travel adventures that I still wanna share with you all, but all in due time. First, I want to write about my coming “home” after traveling for such a long time.

My return home began weeks before I was physically back.
Mentally, I started counting the days, both dreading and looking forward to my return to California.


Honestly, I was mostly dreading coming back to the United States itself for many reasons.

For one, my adventure would be over. After living a life of constant change and adventures, I would now go back to a regular, same ol lifestyle, which due to a long absence was mostly up in the air. Not very appealing.

I would be unemployed. I have worked since I was 14 yrs old and have always been very independent financially. I was really gonna have  a tough time with this one! By the looks of it I would remain jobless for a while too, unless I allowed myself to be exploited and make at least 40% less of what I was making at my last job. Even those jobs are very competitive in this bad economy! This definitely made me dread my return.

Cheering for Mexico with mom!
Before my trip I lived with my ex. Now I would be living with my mother temporarily, which was a bit undefined. Although I really liked the idea of being close to my family, well I was just not sure that being this close would work out for long. I mean, I have not lived with my family since I was 18 and moved away for college!! I am used to my own space and privacy, which was definitely going to be a challenge given the new circumstances. I was definitely nervous about this one. I guess I can’t really say that it felt like I was coming “home.”


Of course I was also really excited about being back in the States. I really missed my family and was looking forward to spending my birthday with just them for a change. Prior years, I celebrated my b-day for days, surrounded by lots of friends, having dinners, drinks and dancing at some club where I would party like a crazy woman ;))) Yes, I can be quite the party girl!! This time I was looking forward to chilling at home with my family. =)))

My Girls!!!
I missed my friends. I was ready to be with close friends who truly knew me and with whom I had a long history before my big trip. I enjoyed making new friends and sharing some of my adventures with them, but I was craving my old familiar ones. I was really looking forward to catching up & spending time with my dear old friends. =)

I also missed the food. Yes, I really craved a big fat carne asada burrito! Awww the last time I had one was in Guadalajara, which was decent. Sorry but nothing like LA area for the best burritos!! I also dreamed of pizza, buffalo wings and rocky road ice cream. ;)) Awww yummy!!

So yes, once the food started calling me I knew it was time to go home!!!

Have you ever had a similar situation to mine, even if it is not travel related?? How did you know you were ready to come home?? What did you miss the most??

Please feel free to share your adventures, thoughts, questions, comments or just stop by to say hi =)))


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